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Legend of the Lost Star, Breezie character sheet by MaggiesHeartLove Legend of the Lost Star, Breezie character sheet :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 10 2 Legend of the Lost Star, Skyla character sheet by MaggiesHeartLove Legend of the Lost Star, Skyla character sheet :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 9 1 Legend of the Lost Star, Reef character sheet by MaggiesHeartLove Legend of the Lost Star, Reef character sheet :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 9 1 Legend of the Lost Star, Akari character sheet by MaggiesHeartLove Legend of the Lost Star, Akari character sheet :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 8 1 Princess Korra meets Star Butterfly! by MaggiesHeartLove Princess Korra meets Star Butterfly! :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 35 13
Legend of the Lost Star, chapter 4

Chapter 4~
The Encounter
Estelle didn't waste a second once the clock stroked seven. Spreading her silver wings, she flew all the way towards the countryside. She had already informed her mother on where she was going long beforehand. Luciana complied with her daughter's wishes.
As much as Estelle loved the urban city, she was just as as much drawn to the vast countryside, if not more so. Her boots pressed upon the soft grass upon landing. Stripes leaped from her shoulders and landed outstretched his front legs in order to feel the individual blades in between his paws. Thanks to the magic of the farmers, the land was always lush and new. Rows of freshly grown vegetables went on for what seemed like miles. The surface of the tomatoes shinned like a precious ruby. Stripes attempted to take a bite but immediately stopped when Estelle told him 'no'.
It was already nightfall, so the farmers had all long retread to their homes,
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Legend of the Lost Star, chapter 3

Chapter 3~

The Wild Heart
If they didn't know better, it would be safe to assume that the cocky grin on Estelle's lips was permanently sculpted onto her face. The princess leaped into the air, a jump that would be nearly impossible by human standards, dodging the incoming blasts of magic that came her way. With her will power alone, she extended her wand and wielding it as a blade she blocked the incoming attacks, which made a clanking sound upon each impact on the surface of her weapon while she was in midair. Once she landed, one of the boys commanded a rock to rise from the earth and hurled it at the princess, to which she managed to break into small pebbles with one swoop of her blade.
The boy with sandy blond hair and dark gray eyes pointed his wand, creating strikes of lightning which bounced off of the ground, aiming at the princess. Estelle's wand had extended further in length, now resembling a staff, and absorbed
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The Little Pony Legend: 5 year Anniversary
Romans 12:2 ~ 
Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

The Little Pony Legend

(co-written by Atea1793 and MaggiesHeartLove)
Re-live the legend...the Pony way! When Twilight Sparkle and her friends are all magically transported to Republic City, they meet the spunky Avatar Korra and they instantly form an everlasting bond and work together to save the city from the wicked Amon. An unforgettable adventure filled with music, fun, and a friendship that changes everything.

Ephesians 5:8~ 
For at one time you were in darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.
:iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 11 1
The Little Pony Legend, The Guardians of Harmony by MaggiesHeartLove The Little Pony Legend, The Guardians of Harmony :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 31 5
Legend of the Lost Star, Chapter 2

Chapter 2~
The World Outside the Gate
Estelle kept pacing back and forth inside her extravagant room. Her nightgown moved with the elegance and effortlessness of flower petals being blown in the soft spring breeze every time she spun around. She held a book in her hand, one of her old favorite fairytales about undersea kingdoms and exotic hidden villages. She read the words, but they did not stick. She forgot what she had just ridden a few short seconds ago. She thought walking while reading who exhausted her enough that she would eventually fall into a deep slumber once she hit the bed. Estelle leaped and landed belly first into her bed, the sheets wrinkling in the process. Despite how soft and inviting the bed was, the young princess just couldn't sleep.
Her mother had to return to the city to welcome back the huntsmen after the first hunt, bringing their winnings with them. Estelle had to remain in the castle due to her
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Legend of the Lost Star, Chapter 1

Chapter 1~
Meet the Hunter
Princess Estelle leaned back on the leather seat, trying to decide on which song to listen to next on her ipod. Her ears felt tense, a result for having the earphones on for so long. Despite the pain, they did help in canceling out the sound of her mother speaking into her cell phone. Every now and again she would raise her voice in an authoritative manner. If it weren't for the headphones, Estelle would have jumped every time she did so.
As always, Queen Luciana was dressed in her finest clothes. A long purple gown that reached her ankles and a pair of black stilettos on her feet. A light magenta shawl was wrapped gracefully around her arms and her long dark brown hair, streaked with streams of bright gold and purple, was held back into an elegant bun. A single bang swept up elegantly over the left side of her forehead, kept together by hairspray which made it shine like the surface of a silver c
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Legend of the lost Star, Queen Luciana poster by MaggiesHeartLove Legend of the lost Star, Queen Luciana poster :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 17 10 Legend of the Lost Star, character clipart by MaggiesHeartLove Legend of the Lost Star, character clipart :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 12 8 Legend of the Lost Star, book illustration by MaggiesHeartLove Legend of the Lost Star, book illustration :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 15 6 Legend of the Lost Star, Estelle expressions by MaggiesHeartLove Legend of the Lost Star, Estelle expressions :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 14 5 Harmony Boys by MaggiesHeartLove Harmony Boys :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 24 11


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Happy 1 year Anniversary, Chi!!
On April 24, 2016, I introduced one of my very first OC's. And now that a years has passed, She's still one of the best things I've ever created.
Chi's history is actually quite interesting....she was actually a last minute decision I thought up. Since Kage had a companion, I wanted to give Nova one as well so as a working name, I thought of, well, Chi which means "to bring life".
Another interesting fact is that she wasn't going to be a wisp in the first place. She wemt through several changes, some that were so changed so quickly, I didn't even bother drawing them. The first was she was going to be a fairy instead of a wisp. As you can see, especially with Nova, I love Zelda. But I quickly tossed that since it sounded kinda silly. Next she was going to be a much older Chi who will act like Nova's "conscience" throughout the story but that also
Sounded silly so I tossed it but finally, after watching the movie Brave, I got the inspiration for her....
I'll make her a wisp!....that no o
:iconblueblur92:blueblur92 1 3
An Ephemeral Bond by jczala An Ephemeral Bond :iconjczala:jczala 387 71 .: YGO : FianceShipping : three years later :. by Sincity2100 .: YGO : FianceShipping : three years later :. :iconsincity2100:Sincity2100 130 7



Legend of the Lost Star, Akari character sheet
I haven't posted any new Lost Star material in a while (been busy with other stuff, specifically "The Journey of Iris", which I had been putting off for too long). So, here is a simple character sheet of one of the main characters, Akari, the unicorn/dragon hybrid.

Watermark is mine. 
As I mentioned numerous times in the past, I'm hard at work with my own writing projects, but every now and again an idea pops up in my head and I just wanted to share this one with you guys.

If anyone here has watched the Flash or Supergirl, then chances are you have heard or watched the crossover Musical episode. And, upon hearing that ABC's Once Upon a Time is getting its first musical episode as well, it got me thinking....what if there were a Voltron Musical episode as well?

I know, it's kind of random, but hey they made a musical episode staring two known DC superheroes and a fairytale series is now getting its first musical (for some reason), so why not do the same with robot lion piloting paladins in space? It's already been established that Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada and Steven Yeun are pretty good singers, and I think Kimberly Brooks as well, so why not?

The episode can be similar to that of Flash and Supergirl, where a mysterious inter-dimensional being traps them in some kind of musical limbo, maybe with diverse styles of musical genres. The antagonist, I picture being a woman with a design loosely inspired by Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid with shape shifting powers like the Genie from Aladdin, but the same mischievous and even slight malicious personality of Discord from My Little Pony, and even Q from Star Trek. I can imagine everyone trying so hard not to sing or dance, but find they are unable to and, maybe for Hunk, Lance and even Shiro, they might even enjoy it a bit! XD.

Of course, the woman doesn't necessarily have to be "evil" but maybe neutral, in which she enjoys making them suffer, but also doesn't mind if they winning and escaping her clutches. Heck, she could even say at the end, "If you won, you have learned your lesson. If you had lost...well, more fun for me! Either way, somebody walks out with something."

The writers probably will never make this happen (which is a shame because how funny would it be to see Keith or Pidge having to be forced to sing against their will?), even so, fanfiction writers I am offering this idea for you on a silver plater. Do what you wish with it, go crazy, enjoy! I know it's not the greatest idea ever made, but at least it can be a fun one!


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Wouldn't you like to know.
Puerto Rico
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Beliefs: God is love, love makes teh world go round. Now that I can shout out to the world.

Favorite shows: Legend of Korra and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Most shows in nick, disney channel and cartoon network.

Favorite songs: A lot but my recent favorite is "Let it Go!"

I am also open for Commissions. Look me up on paypal, and email me a request here on this email.


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